1. Mission

  • Research and development on air pollution management and monitoring

2. R&D Activities

  • Research and development of Particulate Matter (PM) concentration maps at regional/national scales using multi satellite images (.g. MODIS, VIIRS, OMI, MISR, CALIOP …) and at local scale using high spatial resolution satellite images (e.g.: VNREDSat-1, Landsat8, SPOT4 …)
  • Research and development of Green House Gases (GHGs) maps using satellite images.
  • Setup and running Air Quality Model (WRF/Chem, CMAQ, CAMx, CMB, HYSPLIT model …) for air quality mapping, emission source determining and other related studies.
  • Research and develop Multi Sensor Network (MSN) for Particulate Matter measurements (in collaboration with Iot team)
  • Impact assessment of air pollution from agriculture, transportation, urbanization, industrialization … on public health, environment and climate change.
  • Development of mobile and web applications to automatically collect, store, process and visualize data and to provide different services to users in term of air quality.

3. Products

  • Downscaling satellite AOD map:
  • Satellite air quality mapping:
  • Air quality modeling (WRF/Chem): 
  • Impact Assessment:
  • Air quality monitoring networks:Air Pollution Monitoring System: http://apom.fimo.edu.vn/

4. Selected Publications

  • Lasko K, Vadrevu KP, Nguyen TTN (2018) Analysis of air pollution over Hanoi, Vietnam using multi-satellite and MERRA reanalysis datasets. PLoS ONE 13(5): e0196629. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0196629
  • Thi Nhat Thanh NGUYEN, Hoang Anh LE, Thi Minh Tra MAC, Thi Trang Nhung NGUYEN, Van Ha PHAM, Quang Hung BUI, Current Status of PM2.5 Pollution and its Mitigation in Vietnam, Global Environmental Research, 2018 (Accepted)
  • Pham Van Ha, Nguyen Thi Nhat Thanh , Bui Quang Hung , Pascal Klein, Astrid Jourdan, Dominique Laffly, Assessment of georeferencing methods on MODIS Terra / Aqua and VIIRS NPP satellite images in Vietnam. Proceeding of The 10th International Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering (KSE 2018), 01-03 November 2018, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Kristofer Lasko and Krishna Prasad Vadrevu and Tuan Vinh Tran and Evan Ellicott and Thi Nhat Thanh Nguyen and Quang Hung Bui and Christopher Justice (2017) Satellites may underestimate rice residue and associated burning emissions in Vietnam. Environmental Research Letters, 12 (8). 085006. ISSN 1748-9326
  • Vinh T Tran, Ha V Pham, Thanh X Pham, Hung Q Bui, Anh X Nguyen, Thuy T Nguyen, Thanh TN Nguyen, Satellite Aerosol Optical Depth over Vietnam, an analysis from VIIRS and CALIOP aerosol products, Land Atmospheric Interactions in Asia. Springer Book, 2018.
  • Thanh T N Nguyen, Hung Q Bui, Ha V Pham, Hung V Luu, Chuc D Man, Hai N Pham, Ha T Le, Thuy T Nguyen, Particulate matter concentration mapping from MODIS satellite data: a Vietnamese case study, Environmental Research Letters, 2015, 10, 9, 095016 (ISI)
  • T. H. Le, T. T.N. Nguyen, K. Lasko, S. Ilavajhala,  K. P. Vadrevu and C. Justice, “Vegetation fires and air pollution in Vietnam”, Environmental Pollution, 2014. (ISI)
  • Linh D. Nguyen, Chuc D. Man, Nhung T.T. Nguyen, Hung Q. Bui, Thanh T.N. Nguyen, “Standardization procedure for automatic environmental data: a case study in Hanoi, Vietnam”, The Eighth International Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering (KSE 2016)
  • Hung V. Luu, Chuc D. Man, Ke C. Luong, Hung Q. Bui, Thanh T.N. Nguyen. “Air pollution mapping from high spatial resolution satellite images: a case study in Hanoi”. In: Proc. of The 2nd International Joint Conference IJCC, 2016, pp. 130 – 135.
  • Thi Nhat Thanh Nguyen, Viet Cuong Ta, Thanh Ha Le, Simone Mantovani, 2013. Particulate  Matter concentration  Estimation from  satellite  aerosol  and meteorological  parameters, data-driven approaches, In: Proc. of The  fifth  international conference  on  knowledge and  system  engineering (KSE 2013), pp. 351-362.


6. Partners

National Partners:

Centre For Environmental Monitoring (CEM), Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA) Hanoi Environment and Natural Resources Department Vietnam National University of Agriculture
Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics Bach Mai Hospital Hanoi University of Public Health
Institute of Geophysics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

International Partners:


Department of Geographical Science,

University of Maryland, United State

National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan
University of Toulouse II, France
University of Ferrara and MEEO s.r.l , Ferrara, Italy ESTI, Pau, France Asia Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand

German International Cooperation Agency

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7. Members



Mr. PHAM Van Ha (Team Leader) Ms. DO Thi Nhu Ngoc

Mr. TRAN Tuan Vinh

Mr. Ngo Xuan Truong

Mr. TRAN Huy Tan

Mr. Kristopher LASKO

Mr. Nguyen Dac Hieu

Mr. Tran Dai Viet



Mr. MAN Duc Chuc

Ms. BUI Thi Mai

Mr.NGUYEN Van Hung

Mr. HA Duc Van

Mr. PHAM Huu Bang

Mr. LUU Viet Hung 

Mr. PHAN Van Thanh

Mr. NGUYEN Duc Linh

Mr. LE Xuan Thanh

Mr. DO Van Tu  

Mr. Do Ngoc Huy Mr. Le Van Phi
Mr. PHAN Hong Thai Mr. HOANG Duong(Graduated) Mr. NGO Duc Duong

Mr. TRINH Xuan Nam

Mr. VU Ngoc Thanh  







Group contact: 408, E3, 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam. Email: [email protected]