Internet of Things (IoT)

1. Members

Associate Prof. VU Duy Loi, Researcher

Prof.Dr. NGUYEN Thanh Thuy, Researcher

Dr. BUI Quang Hung, Researcher

MSc. TRAN Tuan Vinh, Ph.D candidate at UET 

Mr. LE Xuan Can, Team Leader/ Reasercher

Mr. PHAM Van Chinh                                   

Mr. PHAM Manh Cuong

Mr. NGO Khac Thanh

Mr. HA Duc Van

Mr. NGUYEN Ba Huu Chi

Mr. NGO Tung Duong

Ms. HOANG Thanh Hang

Ms. NGUYEN Thi Phuong Thao

Mr. NGO Xuan Truong

Mr. NGUYEN Van Quyen

2. Mission

  • Research and development in field of Internet of Things (IoT).

3. Vision

  • Research and  development of Multi wireless Sensor Networks (MSNs).
  • Research, design and development of sensor boxes for different purposes such as air pollution monitoring, fire monitoring …
  • Research and application of Sensor Web Enablment (SWE) standards using 52 North framework

4. Partners

a. National Partners:

b. International Partners:

5. Products

  • Multi wireless Sensor Networks (MSNs) :

Apply the SWE standard to built a MSN system

Android Application on PM2.5 monitoring in Hanoi

  • MSNs – Box

MSNs – Box


6. Contacts

  • Address: Room 518, Building E3, 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Ha Noi.
  • Email: