1. Mission

“Developing an advanced capability in remote sensing to meet the real-world problems of ship detection and monitoring issues.”


2. Research Activities

We’re interested in building a complete solution for ship detection and monitoring system using multiple data souces. Currently topics including:

  • Ship detection using high resolution optical image
  • Ship detection using SAR image
  • Ship detection using VIIRS Light Night products
  • Multi-modal ship activities analysis using multiple data source: optical, SAR, VIIRS satellite image and AIS, LRIT data
  • Near real-time ship monitoring system based on cloud computing (in collaboration with SDI team)

3. Selected Publications

  • Hung V. Luu, Hoa N. H. Luong, Hung Q. Bui, Thuy T. Nguyen, Thanh N. T. Nguyen, C.D. Elvidge. Robust Anomaly-Based Ship Proposals Detection Using Pan-sharpened High-Resolution Satellite Image. (arxiv)
  • Thang. Q. Luu, Hung. V. Luu, Thanh. T. N. Nguyen, Hung. Q. Bui. Distributed Computing Framework for Ship Detection from Panchromatic VNREDSat-1 Satellite Images. (HPSC 2018)

4. Products

  • Ship detection algorithm in optical satellite image (e.g. VNREDSat-1).

Ship detected in sea region using VNREDSat-1 image.

Ship detected in Saigon River with AIS data

  • Ship monitoring system using satellite image and AIS data

5. Partners

6. Members

LUU Viet Hung

Hoàng Đức Anh

Hoàng Tích Phúc


Đinh Văn Kiệt

HOANG Xuan Phuong

LUU Quang Thang

LE Xuan Thanh

Nguyen Quang Huy

Nguyen Ba Dung


Address: Room 408, Building E3, 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Email: [email protected]