BSc. Ngo Xuan Truong

Ngo Xuan Truong, BSc.

Add: Room 408, E3 Building, 144 Xuan Thuy, Hanoi, VN

Tel: +84(0)352.445.670

Email: [email protected]


I got my BSc in the field of Information System from University Of Engineering and Technology, VNU in 2018.

Currently, I am learning Master’s degree in Computer Science at UET. I’m also working  as research assistant at FIMO Center. My research fields are applications of remote sensing (satellite products) on air pollution monitoring.


International Journals

  1. Thi Nhu Ngoc Do, Xuan Truong Ngo, Van Ha Pham, Nhu Luan Vuong, Hoang Anh Le, Chau Thuy Pham, Quang Hung Bui & Thi Nhat Thanh Nguyen. Application of WRF-Chem to simulate air quality over the northern Vietnam. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2020.
  2. Xuan Truong Ngo, Thi Nhu Ngoc Do, Tuan Vinh Tran, Dang Trung Hieu Phan, Thi Minh Tra Mac, Hoang Anh Le, Van Nguyet Do, Quang Hung Bui & Thi Nhat Thanh Nguyen. Air pollution in Vietnam during the COVID-19 social isolation, evidence of reduction in human activities. International Journal of Remote Sensing 2021 (in review).

International Conferences

  1. T.D. Pham, V.H. Pham, Q.T. Luu, X.T. Ngo, T.N.T. Nguyen and Q.H. Bui (2019). Analyzing the impacts of urban expansion on air pollution in Vietnam using the SEAP platform. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 266, conference 1.
  2. T.N.T. Nguyen, D.V. Ha, T.N.N. Do, V.H. Nguyen, X.T. Ngo, V.H. Phan, N.D. Nguyen and Q.H. Bui (2019). Air pollution monitoring network using low-cost sensors, a case study in Hanoi, Vietnam. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 266, conference 1
  3. Pham Van Ha, Ngo Xuan Truong, Astrid Jourdan, Dominique Laffly, Evaluation of Maximum Likelihood Estimation and regression methods for fusion of multiple satellite Aerosol Optical Depth data over Vietnam. The 11th International Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering (KSE 2019)

Domestic Journals & Conferences

  1. Xuân Trường Ngô, Văn Hải Nguyễn, Trung Kiên Trần, Thành Công Đỗ, Đức Văn Hà, Quang Thắng Lưu, Việt Hưng Lưu, Quang Hưng Bùi, Thị Nhật Thanh Nguyễn. Thiết kế và chế tạo vệ tinh FIMO CANSAT. Hội nghị Quốc gia lần thứ XX về Điện tử, Truyền thông và Công nghệ Thông tin – REV-ECIT 2018.