SHIP Monitoring


“Developing an advanced capability in remote sensing to meet the real-world problems of ship detection and monitoring issues.”

                                                                        SHIP = DETECTING + MONITORING

Research Activities

We’re interested in building a complete solution for ship detection and monitoring system using multiple data sources. Currently topics including:

  • Ship detection using high resolution optical image
  • Ship detection using SAR image
  • Ship detection using VIIRS Light Night products
  • Multi-modal ship activities analysis using multiple data source: optical, SAR, VIIRS satellite image and AIS, LRIT data
  • Near real-time ship monitoring system based on cloud computing (in collaboration with SDI team)

SPOT 5 Optical

Sentinel-1 SAR

VIIRS Night Light



Ship Detection and Monitoring system

  • Ship detection algorithms in optical and SAR satellite image .
  • Ship monitoring system using satellite image and AIS data.

Ship detection from VNREDSat 1 (15 April 2015) at Saigon river (red boxes) in comparison with AIS signals (green circles)



  Selected Publications

  • Hung V. Luu, Hoa N. H. Luong, Hung Q. Bui, Thuy T. Nguyen, Thanh N. T. Nguyen, C.D. Elvidge. Robust Anomaly-Based Ship Proposals Detection Using Pan-sharpened High-Resolution Satellite Image. (arxiv)
  • Thang. Q. Luu, Hung. V. Luu, Thanh. T. N. Nguyen, Hung. Q. Bui. Distributed Computing Framework for Ship Detection from Panchromatic VNREDSat-1 Satellite Images. (HPSC 2018)