– 6/2011

  • Visualization Lab Project (Proposal to VNU)
  • Cooperation with UCSD – University of California, San Diego, USA
  • Multi-disciplinary oriented
  • Build a modern labratory

– 7/2011:

  • Started to work with MONRE (Ministry of Natural Resources and Enviroment)
  • Consideration of Climate Change
  • Change project name: Viz-Lab-MONRE: apply RS to Climate Change, Meteology/Hydrology, Natural Resource and Enviroment Management
  • More partners:
    • International Center for Advanced Research on Global Change (ICARGC)
    • National Department of Remote Sensing, MONRE

– 12/2011:

  • Term “Field Monitoring” occurred for the first time
  • Target: serve people/Homeland Securities
  • S-D-V Technology:
  • Sensing (remote sensing, sensor,…)
  • Data Center
  • Visualization

– 5/1012:

  • Meeting UET – UCSD at UCSD
  • VNU President – USCD Meeting at USCD
  • Write again project: Field Monitoring (after 1 year)

– 8/2012: Project was accepted by VNU

  • Submit to MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology), MPI (Ministry of Planning and Investment) and Government Office for funding

– 11/2012:

  • With the invitation of VNU’s Presidents, Prof. Christopher Justice (from NASA & UMD) visited UET
  • Prof. Christopher Justice  had an presentation with Field Monitoring research team
  • Got advices from Prof. Christopher Justice

– 12/2012: Got fund

  • Procurement of equipments

– 3/12/2013: Establishment of FIMO Center

  •  English: Center of Multidisciplinary Integrated Technologies for Field Monitoring
  •  Vietnamese: Trung tâm Công nghệ tích hợp liên ngành Giám sát hiện trường