Dinner-party hosted by FIMO Center on the occassion of the TORUS VNU Cloud Inauguration

On Tuesday 04 September, a dinner-party at the Brazil Grill Garden after the inaugural event in the afternoon was held by FIMO Center. The dinner was attended by Dr. Nguyen Thanh Thuy and Dr. Tran Xuan Tu from UET-VNU, Dr. Man Quang Huy from Hanoi University of Science (VNU-HUS), Dr. Sanya Praseuth from Laos and especially the TORUS Project’s members.

Guests enjoyed a fresh beer in one of the best South-American restaurants, before a 3-course meal. At dinner, Dr. Dominique Laffly, TORUS Project’s Manager, sent his deep thanks to the local organizers of TORUS VNU Cloud Computing and also to all delegates.

2018 also marks the 3rd year of the TORUS Project which nearly comes to success. After this project, the research team will continue working on the next phase – the MONTUS Project.

Cheers for our success !